November Photos


Matchbox Labels

Here follows a select few from a new collection. Acquired complete from a charity shop in Harrogate, these matchbox labels are legitimately allowed to take up vital space in my flat as they are small and can be considered ‘work related’ being as they are graphics. For these reasons they get a pass, that and they are also gorgeous. I love the variations in the same manufacturers labels over time.

Sketchbook B

Sketchbook A

April 2011 Photos

Website Update

I’ve updated my site with a couple of new projects. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to take some proper photos and wirte some proper words at some point but for now it’s good to have new stuff up there. Hope you like.

Guild of Makers

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Some work in progress for the Guild of Makers. Hopefully more details to follow…

Links: Metrolink rebrand by Hemisphere

It seems that if it ain’t in London no one wants to know and this rebrand for Manchester’s Metrolink by Hemisphere went completley under the radar. I spotted something new and shiny was afoot when in Manchester a few weekends ago and I just think it deserves a shout. It looks great, everything seems clear and considered and the yellow is refreshing (at least for now, we’ll see how it ages.)


Links: HORT

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The first of two rare pure graphics posts. HORT just updated their site with new work including this fabulous identity work for Bauhaus. Using a cunningly recut ‘A’ in the typeface courier alongisde some brilliant use of arial black(!?!) they created an identity which I think performs the tough job of being both true to the Bauhaus of old whilst being bang up to date. Seriously impressive work.

Links: National Maritime Museum, Flags

Found these fantastically graphic house flags over on the National Maritime Museum archive. A great resource. Link: here

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