London Thames Chalk

Picked up some chalk from a beach in Limehouse. I carved it into some special London chalk. What should I do with it now do you think?


Cable Street.2

Images from last weeks excursion- I think I got a couple of gooduns this time, starting to get a feel for it. I guess I was thinking more about what I was taking photos of, which is a good thing. Just need to get the people involved now.


Jane Maxwell-Hyslop

These photographs were taken by Jane Maxwell-Hyslop. A friend of someone at work: she takes some beautiful photos of stuff I’m well into- i.e. Allotments and Trainspotters. Her ‘Personal Logic’ project is particularly great- reminds me a lot of my collectors project. I wish I was better at photos sometimes. I wish I could take as beautiful photographs as she does. ahhh well, for now I’m contented enough to look at Jane’s work. Lovely.


Allotment Away!

So we (Lizzy and me), started the allotment project this weekend- we just went round some allotments and a local archive- was good- I’m excited about this bad boy- I’m not going to post everything here I don’t think. I’ve made a separate and purely functional blog for it- over here: Allotment Project Blog- I’m hoping to put all and everything that comes to us up there- but I’ll probably post the highlights here. Mostly images and bullet thoughts I guess. Allotment Project Blog.


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