John Berger, On Advertising: publicity, glamour, envy

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Ways of Seeing, John Berger

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I didn’t  realise that the book was the book of the BBC 2 TV show. The programmes are really good stuff, some proper Goldsmiths stuff, context, identity, loads of stuff. Not only are they really worthwhile watching but it’s age shows beautifully. John Berger smokes, and some of the shots and stuff are classic. Anyway:

I Heart teh Internet

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Saw this. There’s got to be some kind of process or something to be

Lawrence Lessig

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So this guy is pretty interesting, copyrighting sounds pretty dry to start with but when you scratch the surface it develops through copying, hacking, piracy, to really interesting stuff like originality, creativity and i guess democracy. What with that lecture i went to (check the old blogs), this, and some other stuff, i think i could really get into a project about it (after this year obv, no harm in playing around though). Lessig also has a few books about, including a new one called ‘Free Culture’, which sounds really fascinating, of course it is downloadable for free as a pdf so i’ll let you know when i’m done with that, this is the link: Free Culture

Nigel Peake

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Dodos and Maltese Falcons

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