Processing Mk.2

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Not so good today. Managed to get this box to move across a screen (with random colours for prettyness), but that was about it. I managed to remake what I did yesterday but with objects instead of whatever normal code is which I guess is an achievement and I’m starting to recognise what I don’t know- Arrays are doing my head. So is the for(i++) type of function so those guys are next on the list.


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I’ve committed myself to learning processing this week and, after a 9–5 day at home, I’ve got the hang of the basics again. Drawing shapes, points, lines, colouring them with transparencies, random positioning and colour, mouse pressed commands, exporting, print lining, mouse following and general setup and syntax. Not bad but it really taxes my brain- I think it’s going to be a bit of an effort for me- it doesn’t come naturally but hopefully a week will see me a bit better at least- I’m going to push myself to produce at least a screenshot every day.

4 Tanning Babes

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Weekend Drawings

Paula Antonelli

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Paula Antonelli, senior curator at the MoMA has acquired the @ symbol for the permanent collection of the museum. That’s pretty brilliant. I think what’s more interesting is the kind of conversations she must have had with colleagues about it’s inclusion- there was some opposition to it’s acquisition. And what was discussed about what museums should and could acquire- what’s the purpose of museums. And what effect does the acquisition have on the @ symbol in general- will people treat it with more reverence now it’s been held on a pedestal? Interesting stuff. Click here to read Antonelli’s blog about it over at MoMA.


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I’m fairly convinced this game is brilliant in some conceptual way, if not very easy. Not seen much like it before. In browser. Tick. Robots. Tick. Time travel (in game and not just a theme). Tick. Do make sure you read the instructions though or you’ll break your own head.

Saturdays drawings

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AFOL A Blocumentary from AFOL on Vimeo.

OMG OMG things I wish I’d done.

New home page

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What’s that? A google map without the map on your home page? Whaaaaaaa?


Mini update using some stuff I learnt whilst I was working at Company. The buttons are part of a project I have going where I draw buttons. Kinda like that time I drew loads of clocks but with watercolours and buttons- If you care about it ask me about in person.

Explosions and boobs

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Does what it says on the tin. Things next to other things. Nice.


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